FEDERALPOL was founded in Lanciano in 1990, initially operating in the provinces of Chieti and Pescara. The institute extended its activities to the provinces of L’Aquila, Teramo, Parma, Bologna, Pesaro, Perugia and Terni, all of which were subsequently sold to other companies.
The headquarters and legal offices are currently located in the municipality of Treglio, Contrada Mozzoni 43, with two additional logistical points in Pescara and Vasto. The operational system used to provide the service refers to: DM 2010 n. 269 of the technical Regulation of Police Stature; to DM 1999-85, articles 2 and 3 of ENAC Airport, to the company’s disciplinary regulation and, as a whole, under the quality certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 sector EA 35-28 and UNI 10891:2000.
The new office is about 3,000 squared meters, elegant, modern, anti-seismic, and built with standards of comfort and security in accordance with DM 2010/269 and of Decree 2008/81.
The inauguration of FEDERALPOL took place on June 8, 2014 in the presence of high state officials and regional and local administrators, drawing attention of both, business and private communities around the territory.


The structure has a wide parking reserved for clients, customers, employees and suppliers.
In the interior of the building, which is built completely with reinforced concrete and high armour, are located the high-tech data centre and the central control station BACK UP SICEP of high technology: one of the most advanced equipment in the security sector. Its system allows monitoring 24/24 hours any intruder alarm, surveillance or technological system.

A first vault made of armed concrete of grade C-A.N.I.A. serves as storage for money.  A second but separate vault of grade C/A.N.I.A. is reserved for approximately 1600 safety deposit boxes to store customer’s documents, valuable goods, objects, etc.  Finally, there is a shooting range used for the training of security guards.

The efficiency and reliability of the Institute is based on the professionalism of the workforce, who are subjected to constant training, and to the updating of the high-technology equipment used to ensure the final result of quality services given to our customers.

Due to these day-to-day professional values, the Institute received the prestigious opportunity, given by the Ministry of Civil Defence, to manage the security and access control in the red area of the G8 summit of Heads of State.  This event was held in the city of L’Aquilia in 2009, for which the Institute received the approval of the competent authorities with a certificate of merit for its professionalism and determination in the execution of the appointment. The fundamental values of the FEDERALPOL are SERIOUSNESS/ PROFESSIONALISM /QUALITY/ PRIVACY and CONSTANT TRAINING, all of which the members of the institute are obliged to implement and respect.

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