Solutions for businesses of all sizes

Federalpol is very engaged in the surveillance and security of commercial activities. Andable through the network of patrols and personnel deployed in the territory of Abruzzo to be in control of the daily activities of customers. From the management of closing hours and night to control and presence during business hours.
In this way the work of the business has a constant presence in case of intervention. Alarm monitoring and remote alarms immediately alert our guards


Advanced security systems to protect your life

Federalpol defend your home and your family through a series of dedicated services can control h24 possible alarm situations both inside and outside the home. Federalpol specializes in total facilities management and security alarm, from the design, installation, remote maintenance through highly skilled technicians.


A discreet and efficient partner for the security of your company

Federalpol works alongside large and small companies in the supervision of facilities and goods produced or stored. The value of the companies’ products is our index of maximum commitment to ensure their safety. Federalpol intervenes in sensitive routes of transportation of goods in trade or port or distribution hub on the monitoring of the warehouses and production facilities. companies in their dynamic production are perfectly integrated with the remote control and onsite possible safety scares.


Working closely with the banks to support all security services

Federalpol plays an important role with the banks on the whole territory. It a partner of strategic utility for banks and financial companies. It offers services of transport and counting values, external and internal security institutions, delicate missions of transport or escort. With Federalpol alongside institutions working with a smaller load of skills and safer.