Safe service and other assets in special safes of different sizes

Our Institute, thanks to the construction of the new headquarters of about three thousand square meters, is able to offer customers more attentive, offering more than 1,600 safety deposit boxes of various sizes, for your valuables.
An innovative service that allows users to storing values, documents or valuables of any kind, in a grade vaults C-A.N.I.A. high-strength intrusion, equipped with the most sophisticated systems alarm, and manned 24 hours by 24 Armed Guards Particular Swear, 365 days a year, with high security level.
Access the restricted area, is permitted exclusively to the holder of a safe, in absolute privacy and confidentiality.
The input operations and / or withdrawals of values, can be made at the predetermined times with contractually Federalpol.
The cassettes are granted to customers in accordance with the rules laid down by the Civil Code, artt.1839, 1840 and 1841, and the conditions of the contract signed between both