Guard from vast areas of land

“DRONI FLYING ROBOT” are born to guard from vast areas of land, structures public and / or private, photovoltaic sites, archaeological parks, natural disasters etc .. The technologically advanced devices are managed remotely, from security guards in possession of a pilot certificate, with proven operational experience. Operators (GPG) have completed an appropriate course professional training (at the National Board authorized centers ENAC civil aviation) acquiring fitness to fly.
All the images captured during the flight, are transmitted in real time to the control center of the Institute, manned 24 hours 24 Sworn by armed guards, able to assess and manage all events.
Operators, before each service, control parts of the drone such as landing gear, if the compass is calibrated, if the battery is charged and installed correctly, the engine, propellers etc ..
Before takeoff, check whether there are the safe operating conditions, make sure to know well the boundaries of the flight, with extreme prudence always keep under control the apparatus, avoiding overflying highly trafficked areas, or even in sensitive areas illegal such as airports or other “No-Fly Zones”, respecting all flight rules. Operators are informed of the rules, regulations and the technology used. The use of DRONE is done responsibly using experience and common sense.