Patrolling the district and / or Industrial Area

The patrols of the district and / or industrial areas, is generally defined by our institute as a service building with times to be determined.
The advantage of the project participants, is to share and join a new method of security management with a constant patrol of a precise area where your company is located, at a cost pro-rata very beneficial.
The presence of armed security guard in the area, discourages thieves. The GPG in service, has a vehicle bearing the friezes Institute, constantly connected to the helpline, flashlight, optical drive, portable radio transceiver, bulletproof vest, as well as act as a deterrent, will monitor the area, with a patrol visual constant, preventing the risk of theft, damage to sheet etc … Such a presence allows the person who is equipped with an alarm system connected to the operating center, to have in case of intrusion, rapid interventions almost in real time.