With armed guard on any site, day and / or night

Service addressed to industrial and commercial activities, as well as public bodies and private, during the day and / or night. The armed guards who serve in defense of a position, are directly connected by radio to the control center, for any case of intervention. The careful selection and continuous training of the same, to represent the users of the service, the best guarantee and security management service entrusted.

With an armed guard service for robbery of banks, jewelers, etc

Particular service, very delicate, addressed to banking, jewelers etc The armed guards who serve in defense of a position, (with deterrent impact), have many years of experience in the sector, with special training on prevention, in able to deal with any danger or aggression. The GPG in service is equipped with bullet-proof vest, constantly connected by radio, with the operations center, it is able to also use the access control systems of the place compass, X-Ray apparatuses, etc., or manage installations of TVCC“. The service is carried out, according to the customer’s needs, from outside or inside the structure.