Doorman service facilities on public and/or private

The doorman service and/or reception, is aimed at public bodies, large or small companies, industrial or commercial, that have the need or the need to have an access control management on site, inside or outside on men, transport, suppliers etc
The doorman service, not to be confused with the role of the armed security guard decreed (TULPS 134), as the legal concept is totally different. To exercise this activity, there is no need to prefectural authorization, the same is carried out by a qualified, with experience in the field, whose role is clarified and also recalled in the DM of 29.01.99 269 in 2010. This figure It can perform only operations activities of access control daylight, with registration of people and vehicles, from 08:00 to 22:00. It is not allowed to the local night, unless the applicant company, also carries out continuous working night shifts