Realization of video surveillance of public and private structures at all levels

The rampant increase in thefts of industrial sites, commercial, banking public and / or private citizens, have convinced more and more, all at-risk groups, to implement a video surveillance system TVCC closed circuit, to protect their interests. Within our company there is a technical office, experienced able to assess, advise, design and implement any type of intruder alarm system and implement any type of TVCC system with release in late works, certificate of conformity. From the experience, it is always advisable to install digital equipment quality, high resolution (HD – FULL HD) providing, periodic maintenance, which ensures maximum reliability and safety. The making of a good video surveillance system, with the connection of the equipment through INTERNET – DSL, Wireless system, or UMTS – SIM, with the help of public static IP or DDNS service allows a careful and good reception of images, either from your home PC, or through a mobile smartphone, or from the control center of Federalpol, under the control of the operator, this H24, 365 days a year.