Link service TVCC (Video surveillance) H24 / hourly / scans

The service is adressed at all types of customers, whether commercial, industrial, banking and / or private citizens equipped with TVCC system TVCC installed on site, with the ability to connect devices through: Internet – DSL, wireless system, or with UMTS-SIM.
Access to the system is done with a static IP or using DDNS service.
To always have a good reception of images, we recommend the installation of digital equipment quality, high resolution (HD and FULL-HD), providing for periodic maintenance.
The service of video surveillance, can be designed in different solutions, with constant view of the images (h24), established or according to user needs.
The cameras are equipped with the video analysis, connect remotely to the Operations Room of surveillance, are the best solution and guarantee the safety of the site, as alarm messages based on specific detection algorithms, are transmitted to the Institute, in real time.
As regards the old system of motion detection (motion), we do not recommend the use of it, as well as being unreliable, can easily transmit false alarms in case of rain or other special weather events.
This service allows you to monitor from a distance in real time, everything that happens on site, allowing the operator of the operations room, to take all measures that the case requires (intervention of the Institute patrol, the Police, Firefighters etc.).
All images are recorded and stored in accordance with law in special and specific equipment in place, which, if necessary, can be consulted